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Product Registration

Thank you for purchasing your new Ambassador Bed Mattress.

All Ambassador Bed mattresses are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials. Please check the warranty details specific to the model you purchased.

In order to make the process of any warranty claims in the future easier, we recommend that you register your Ambassador Bed mattress, set, or furniture by filling out the form below. Please keep your original receipt and law tags as these will be required should you ever need to submit a warranty claim.

The information you provide below helps speed up the process of your warranty claims. You may opt to allow us to send you coupons or any information that relates to your recent mattress purchase as well.

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The information provided helps process your warranty and helps us send you coupons or information that relates to your recent mattress purchase.  Read our Privacy Policy.

Thanks for registering your mattress.

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